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Online Mixing



Online Mixing average $300.00 per song (negotiable for multiple tracks per project)

Send us one of your songs for a free mix trial!!



    • * Experienced Engineer with Credits



      • * Send Files Via Internet – Fast and Secure



    • * Mixing Until You Are Completely Happy



    We can get the mix you require. We can discuss your influences, what albums you like and why, listening to examples. Through Skype or in person, we will work on your mix till you are happy. How much does it cost? Mix price depends on how many song you want mixed, ie single track, EP or album and time availability. Once you have provided your session details we will get back to you with a no obligation free quote. Payment can be via EFT, Paypal or cash.

    How long does it take?
    Mixing and mastering turnaround times depend on current work load . We will discuss an estimated delivery time with you once you have contacted us and given us your session details. We will endeavour to return a mix to you in an agreed time.

    What do we need from you?
    Mix stems are the best and safest way to get tracks to us for mixing. These can be from consolidated from Pro Tools, Logic, or almost any DAW. Contact us if you would like a hand with this process. Please send us the individual tracks from your session printed (bounced down/exported) from bar one, or the very start. Do not export with any effects, and make sure track volume is the same as the tracked volume. All track files should be exactly the same length. We accept .wav, .aiff or SDII files. Make sure you keep the session sample rate when you print your stems, 16bit or 24bit. (Not 32bit float) ie: if you recorded your session at 24Bit 96KHZ, then each instrument or channel file should be at that sample rate.

    Sending Files
    Full resolution files will normally be too big to sent via email. There are several free service available online that you can choose. Dropbox is highly recommended, easy to use and places a folder on your computer that is synced to an online service, and is easy to share folders and files with. SendThisFile is a great one and offers several levels of service.



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