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Location Music Recording


$60 per hour (min 4 hours) or $500.00 per day (9hr day)


set up, pack down included


A demo recording or album pre production can save you money when you go into a studio. Have your parts worked out, tracks you want to do, list of overdubs and effects. A demo recording can be handed to pubs and promoters to get gigs and festival spots or a limited edition release for fans to cherish!

Or just do the real thing…..


We can set up to track beds live, then overdub additional guitars and vocals as needed. You would be supprised at the places we have recorded, from small sheds in the middle of the bush, theatres, to by a small river running off a generator!


Jeremy has plenty of experience, so you can relax and concentrate on your performance.



  • * Give Your Music A Unique Sound and Feel



  • * Pro Studio Equipment Brought To You



  • * Create In A Relaxed Environment



Can incorporate audio recording into a muti-camera video shoot to give an audience or potential festival application a winning edge DVD or Youtube clip.



Up to 18 tracks tracked through a Universal Apollo interface, using high studio quality microphones and preamps. See full equipment list here.


All recording equipment needed for specific project included subject to availability.


Please note!!!! *Set up and breakdown time of equipment is included in the quotes prices.


*Clients are required to supply their own hard drive for back up, which will happen at the end of each day or session.


*CD copies are charged at $3.00 each, maximum of 5 copies.


****Additional costs depending on location may include:


Costs to and from location, including travel time.


Accommodation if necessary


Hire of additional equipment as needed for production.


Prefer to record in a studio?
We can access the right studio (dry hire) for you at the right price with Jeremy as engineer, using in house equipment as well as bringing in any added equipment that may be needed.


October 2017

For Bookings Or Enquiries


Phone Jeremy: (+61) 421 836 876


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