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Client Testimonials

I have worked with Jeremy (or Left of elephant sound as u prefer) on several occasions, with very satisfactory results every time. When recording vocals Jeremy went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and deliver to my highest potential. He’s an excellent sound engineer and knows how to pull all the tricks. When editing and mixing one of my songs Jeremy was very fast to deliver with great results. He was interested in my feedback and worked hard to hand over specific requests. I strongly recommend working with Jeremy and I plan to do so again.
Joaquin Hourbeigt – Alice Springs 2017


I have used Jeremy for online mastering of my tracks a couple of times now and will definately continue to choose him as my master masterer of choice! He is highly professional, enthusiastic, intuitive, industrious and efficient, and has a vast knowledge of both the technical aspects of recording, mixing and mastering and the production aspects needed to realise and support original music compositions. Jeremy ‘s empathetic and sensitive musical aesthetic gives me great confidence to place my music in his good hands and ears. Dont think about – go with Master Conlon!
Rob Law – (VIC) 2014 

With an infectious enthusiasm for all things sonic Jeremy is professional, passionate and creative in his approach to recording live sound in remote locations with Indigenous communities.

Patrick McCloskey – Gulf County Musecology 2013
Working with Jeremy was a pleasure, his level of consultation and professionalism helped us achieve our goals at our Darwin Festival performance with members of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra. His skills as a musician, arranger and sound engineer were all essential in this project and it is hard to see how we could have attained such a high quality outcome with anyone else.We would have no hesitation in working with Jeremy again and would recommend him for a multitude of projects especially where arranging or composition are required.
Thanks Jez!
Mike Meston, Green Stone Garden Winner of NT Song of the Year awards (Rock Category) 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed recording at Left of Elephant, I can honestly say after 13 albums I have never come away from recording with as much confidence as Jeremy instilled in the work right from the initial set-up through to the final mixing stages.
Matthew Oldfiled (Matthew The Oxx) 2013
Jeremy made our album recording a stress-free and comfortable process while still being extremely professional. His flexibility of schedules made the experience easy and he was very accommodating of the ‘musician lifestyle’. His knowledge and suggestions were very helpful. I would highly recommend Left of Elephant Sound.
David Spry – David Spry and The Moral High Ground – Darwin 2013
Jeremy has a fantastic way of making musicians feel relaxed and getting the best out of people. His experience combined with musical knowledge and ear for detail is greatly appreciated in creating the sound you want. In all regards left of elephant sound is a great service I highly recommend.
James McCormick- Darwin 2013
Working with Jeremy was great. He was very efficient and has a vast knowledge of the recording process. He has a great nous for getting quality sounds and making the most of your time in the studio. We look forward to working with him again in the future.
Pole Top Rescue – Darwin 2013
Jeremy’s knowledge & passion for his craft is second to none. His warm & genuine approach allowed me to feel immediately relaxed & get beyond my initial nerves about recording. His input & suggestions allowed me to achieve far more than I ever imagined was possible & he had the perfect balance of offering suggestions, then sitting back to allow me to explore the possibilities from there. Highly recommended!
Michelle Dunn – Ballarat 2012
Great work Jeremy! you were serious quick and prompt in after sales service as well which was really appreciated. we had a great time and have a fantastic product.
Rebekah Russell – Doug Dragster (Online Book) 2012
We chose to record with Jeremy because he is a musician, songwriter and a very warm and friendly artistic soul. I heard him performing solo one night and was struck by the control of sound, the clarity of what he was presenting and the way he used delays with vocals and guitar to great effect. I felt that here was someone who was a sculptor in sound, a very rare thing.
Jeremy has a keen, but warm sense of humour and was able to keep the sessions buoyant and fun. Somehow amongst all that was going on in the studio he managed to swiftly and discretely set up mikes and handle all the recording techniques and right from the start he kept a neat and beautifully controlled recording scene on the desk…I would have had tracks and effects going everywhere, but Jeremy managed to sail through and have a ripping chat at the same time. I asked him to feel free to make suggestions and he had some great ideas, things that we hadn’t considered because we were all a bit close to it all. ’twas a pity we couldn’t just keep going, powered by a sugar daddy…but there will hopefully be more recording one day.
Regards Peter Allan (for Sleeping Beauty) 2011
Jeremy is a producer, who possesses not only a thorough intelligence, passion & professionalism, but an openness & profound Love for sound. Having the opportunity to meet & work with someone who not only in my case gave their time freely, but encouraged a comfortable & free atmosphere in which to work & create, was in itself inspiring. In my short time working with Jeremy, I learnt a great deal about recording, & the experience certainly provoked some practical ways to compliment & progress my work. Jeremy is elementally a cool cat, & I am very thankful that I had the blessing to work with him. I recommend him & his studio to anyone who is serious about creating good work; you will be hard pressed to find someone who makes recording such a positive Experience.
Matt Malone – Ballarat 2011
Was great to record with Jeremy! he took note of the sound we were after, and took it up a notch to make us sound better! It’s very unique studio, full of huntsman’s!
Cheers Ryan – Runnin’ Hot 2011
Cool studio name. Great location. Very relaxed. Nice vibe. I will book again for sure.
Tim Hudspith – Ballarat 2011
Jeremy is not only a quality sound engineer, dedicated to meeting clients desires, he also has a sound base of experience to draw from to make the recording useful and well polished. He tailors the equipment to meet the musicians sound/requirements and isn’t afraid to experiment with different techniques and equipment to get the right sound. He is a perfectionist without wasting time and makes the recording experience very comfortable. His personality shines through throughout the experience to make for a relaxed and therefore honest performance by the artist. His ongoing support has been greatly appreciated and I’d recommend him as a sound engineer in a split second. Left of Elephant sound is a sure-fire way to make an honest,quality recording. A++
Paige Duggan – Ballarat 2011
Left of Elephant sound isn’t just a recording studio its a recording experience in a relaxed and comfortable environment . The day after our recording session jeremy called me and said he’d made another mix of our songs because he wanted to make sure it was a great quality mix ( which it already was) and he dropped it of to my door that afternoon, if that isn’t a man who’s dedicated to making great recordings then i don’t know what is.
Samm Beulke The Indian Skies – Ballarat 2011
Jeremy is professional, great to work with, and a fantastic engineer. He recorded and mixed for Country Town Collective’s first album “Houses”, respecting our wish to record everything live, and capturing the space of the room just like we asked for. He brought all his own gear, allowing us to try out different spaces (including a theatre and a church!). We really appreciate his easy going nature and attention to detail. Thanks Jez Love your work!
Cheers Alice Rae – Country Town Collective – Darwin
One of the reasons initially I opted to record with Jeremy is because he offers an alternative to the time limitations and pressures you get with other studios. He offered us flexibility, in a homely setting, allowing time for us to take away samples from each studio session to work on, and therefore giving us the freedom to bring back our ideas, gradually building the layers of each piece of music. Jeremy generally gets a feel for what you are trying to do quite quickly.
Working with producer/sound engineer Jeremy Conlon on recordings such as the True Accent CD, marked a turning point for me as an artist/musician. I’ve always felt like he’s on a similar wave length and his approach to working in the studio is accessible, non-controlling and friendly. He creates an environment where you can bring your ideas to life. It’s kinda like bringing the music to life with Jeremy as he acts as more like a facilitator, who is willing to listen to where you are coming from and teach you how to tap into those ideas, as well as offering new ideas and experimental approaches which bring a genuine sense of spontaneity to the recording sessions.
More recently we have been working via online collaboration, as Jeremy is able to share files over the internet which gives even greater scope for working on a project. You can be across the other side of the world in Norway and still hear a preview of your latest mix or mastered track.And what’s even better for any artist recording with Jeremy is the turn around time on the production process. He doesn’t waste any time time and always uses the present moment to best advantage.
Simon Hatji (Seesawtrace, Adelaide)

October 2017

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